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Pine Flintstone Bench
Pine Flintstone Bench103 viewsA 4" thick, 5' long pine bench. Approximately 14" wide. Very stout and will be around for a very long time. $350
Various Wood Cookies Wood Rounds
Various Wood Cookies Wood Rounds53 viewsWood cookies from 1.25" thick to 3" thick. I have a number of species like black walnut, yellow poplar, persimmon, elm, pine, and red cedar. Sizes vary from 6" in diameter up to 18" in diameter depending on species. The wood cookies are slightly sanded to smooth the edges and surface and to bring out the color. Perfectly even and flat. Cost per cookie dependent on species and size, Prices range from $3 each up to $20 each depending on species, thickness and size. Call for availability and price.
Maple Dining Table
Maple Dining Table38 views
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